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Dec 25, 2023

The buzz around artificial intelligence (AI) and its wide-ranging impact is inescapable. But beyond industry disruption, what significant effects does this groundbreaking technology hold for geopolitical dynamics and conflicts? 

Joining me in this episode is Sean Gourley, a renowned scientist and founder of data and machine learning-focused startups Quid and Primer. Sean will share his profound insights on AI, exploring its potential to both benefit and harm humanity. He draws parallels between the rapid 'automation' at the turn of the last century, which was weaponized, leading to wars, and the current situation. He highlights how the stakes are now even higher, with countries like the US, China, and others vying for dominant positions in this field.

Although Sean's perspectives may not always be comforting, they offer valuable insights. A regular guest on our podcast, he joins me annually for a review of significant technology trends and developments. Sean and I have been collaborating since the late 2000s, and his ability to accurately forecast trends has been impressively precise. In other words, his insights are something I pay close attention to.

Grab a cup of coffee and tune in as we explore the dualities we've experienced during the COVID lockdowns, the apparent deficit in societal imagination posing future challenges, and the critical role of AI in shaping various aspects of our world, including the potential for either global peace or conflict.

If you're interested in the following topics, you won't want to miss this episode:

  • What we've lost and gained over the past three years.
  • The dangers that a lack of imagination poses to our future.
  • Sean's perspective on why AI might lead to a challenging 20 to 30 years ahead.
  • The global balance of power and its dependence on control over AI technologies.
  • Sean's views on how China is positioning itself to gain an AI advantage.
  • The influence of AI on real-world medical sciences.
  • Reflecting on the kind of world we desire and the extent of our commitment to achieving it."

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